How can you use us?

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What could your business do with more people on the phone?

We offer our clients the opportunity to increase their inbound and outbound telephone teams for short periods of time or for special projects.

What kind of activities do we generally support?

Ræcan use state of the art equipment to deliver sophisticated solutions

  • Database cleaning
  • Appointment setting
  • Customer surveys
  • Customer acquisition programs
  • Events support
  • Disaster recovery
  • Telesales
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Data entry and updates

We don’t just make phone calls, we also update your data and deliver progress reports so you remain informed.
In addition we can prepare and send e-mails to your target customers as part of our service.

We ensure our teams are fully trained and prepared with upto date product information, using our continuous training program.



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Origins of our name

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Our name comes from old english and means to reach or to attain.
The ‘æ’ symbol is a dipthong and should be pronounced like the ‘a’ in ‘cat’ or ‘bat’

We chose our name to represent the services that we can offer to our clients, to increase awareness of our clients services directly to their customers. Combining the latest communication technology with our flexible resources helps our clients to maximise there return on investment.

We ‘reach’ your customers so you can ‘attain’ sales and success.



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About Us

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We are based in Rawtenstall in the Rossendale, on the edge of Pennine Lancashire.

We are a contact centre, using the latest telecommunications systems to deliver the full resources of a contact centre to business in the North West and through out the country.
We offer the full range to telephone services that you would expect from a call centre and combine these with the latest developments in internet live chat support.

These services are offered on a contract basis, our minimum contract is only 4 hours for some telephone work right through to full time cover. Our services are available for all types of activities, customer surveys, market research, product recalls, any type of communication that requires short term additional resources.


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We are a contact centre offering telemarketing services to businesses through out the United Kingdom. We are based in Rawtenstall, in the Rossendale valley in Lancashire.
In addition to our telephone services we offer dedicated support for events and marketing activities. Our state of the art technology is available to all of our clients and offers automated call handling and recording.

Our name comes from the Old English for reach, our aim is to help our clients reach their customers using the latest developments in contact technology without having to invest in expensive technology or take on the costs of employing additional staff.

We aim to help businesses of all kinds from all industries with our flexible services, whether a short term project or a long term contract. We offer our telemarketing services to our B2B & B2C clients.

We have over 20 years experience in delivering sales and marketing campaigns using dedicated teams.

Our services include offering short hourly contracts through to unique marketing projects.


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